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Full Version: Dolby Plus bitstream issue on Krypton?
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I'm not sure if this is Kodi related, because I switched from a full size Sandy Bridge HTPC to a Intel NUC i3 6100 system and everything works great except the Dolby Plus passthrough:
-> no sound
-> no "Dolby Digital" in my AVR display

More infos:
- Running Windows 10 and the latest drivers are installed.
- Audio device is correctly configured and Dolby Plus is listed as supported
- Common Dolby, DTS, DTS HD etc. are working without any issues
- My Denon X1000 is able to handle Dolby Plus signals
- No EDID problem, already checked it.

I have no problem to send the channels via PCM to the AVR, but I hate not knowing the reasons Wink And as far as I remember, I had no issues on my old HTPC (not available anymore for testing).

Any ideas?
Just tested it with my main rig and a Nvidia 980ti as output device -> Same issue. No Dolby Digital Plus (eac3) passthrough

Has this been fixed on the new Beta release of Krypton?
(2016-08-23, 08:40)Kane69 Wrote: [ -> ]Has this been fixed on the new Beta release of Krypton?

Tested in Beta1. Still no Dolby Digital Plus