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Full Version: (Linux) continuous playback of files from a directory
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How to make a continuous playback of files from a directory?
Choose the first one.

Context Menu.

Play from here.


smart playlist.
Actually just tried the first option and it doesn't seem to work in the files list, the second option should work though.
The first option should work in file lists. If not, that would be a bug.

Another option is if you have a dedicated play button, you can press it while the directory is selected.

And finally, there's also the option to turn on "play next automatically" under Settings -> Videos.
Maybe my first option didn't work because all my movies are in subdirectories.

It does work with a number of video files in one directory.
"Combine split videos" being turned on should also make it work with movies in separate subdirectories (at least, for movies in directories named after the movie). Maybe.