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Full Version: OS X EL CAPTIAN 10.11.5
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i am having problems doing anything on koi right now because of pop-ups. i keep getting "ADD-On is incompatible due to unmet dependencies would you like to disable it on your system" no matter that i press or how many times i press it, they don't go away they keep popping up. I've uninstalled koi and reinstalled it several times and it still does not work.
Try deleting the Kodi user library folder-
~/Library/Application Support/Kodi
Your user library is hidden by default. Instructions for accessing it can be found here.

Edit: This will remove all data and give you a completely clean install.
i deleted the KODI folder from application support and uninstalled and reinstalled koi and it fixed the problem thank you
It is called kodi for god sake...
or Jodi Smile
haha koi, my mac does the same auto correct