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Full Version: Video stutter and audio out sync
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Hello guys, I am using Kodi on a "MXQ Pro" Box, and have recently encountered a problem that I haven't been able to solve using the internet and current posts.
Kodi worked fine at start, but after 2 months, suddenly the videos start to stutter, and because of the stuttering (video goes "slower"), the audio out syncs too. It's impossible to watch movies and TV Shows this way and is really frustrating. I saw that the problem is probably with videos that play with 24Hz refresh rate, but I haven't been able to fix it using all of the methods I found.

I am new here, so I know I didn't provide much information about my system because I didn't know which information you guys need in order to help me. I'll be happy to supply with any information you'll might need, just let me know Tongue

Thank you guys in advance, and sorry for my bad English!
Where are you getting your shows etc from? Local storage or via an add-on (if so which one)?

Can you gather, upload and post a link to a debug log (wiki) of an occurrence?