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Full Version: Video Lag From Hard Drive at 1hr12 minutes every time
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I am struggling with my Hard drive streaming. It lags at 1hr 12 minutes every time I play a movie. I thought it might be the hard drive but it is not that because I have tried a couple different types of HD's.

In order to get past it i have to hit stop then start the movie again from the same spot. I have tried clearing cache etc. it is not working and continues to lag at 1hr 12 minutes. i tried to read the log files but they are greek to me unless there is an error message which I could not find.

I am running it on a matricom G box. I have 2 of them and they both have the problem at 1hr 12 minutes. I have streamed files from 500mb to 8 gb and they all fail at the same time.