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Full Version: Watching different things from Kodi on multiple tvs
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Please tell me is it possible to watch different things on multiple televisions using Kodi from one android box? Even if you have to buy other devices but not more android boxes. Please help
Kodi can only support one display. So you'd need multiple boxes or other devices to support multiple TVs.
What other devices ( not additional boxes)?
A bit of effort to set-up the audio, but you could have XBMC playing in secondary extended display (TV), while Kodi played in the primary device (TV), you might be able to stretch this with portable mode to more TV's.. but I would think your hardware would be getting challenged to cope with even two up.
I appreciate it. Can you give me more of a step by step in lay mans terms, please.
You'd be best with multiple cloned cheap devices like Pi's or Fire Sticks.

You couldn't do it with an Android box, there is no portable mode with them (except possibly having Kodi and SPMC together, but I doubt that would work).
What is a Pi?
I know what XBMC is but what is SBMC?
(2016-06-28, 23:34)Michaelschnatter Wrote: [ -> ]What is a Pi?

Raspberry Pi 3

(2016-06-28, 23:35)Michaelschnatter Wrote: [ -> ]I know what XBMC is but what is SBMC?