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Full Version: InputStream 1.1.3 - wrong stream
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I think there is an issue with the latetest InputStream addon.

My System:
OS: Win 10-64
KODI: 20160628-c6f500a-master
ADDON: Amazon VOD 0.2.5 (Sandmann79)

As far as I know, on Amazon Prime you can get at least (if available) following streams:
[email protected]/s

I want to choose the 1280x720@6Mbit/s - stream with this settings at InputStream MPEG DASH 1.1.3
Min. Bandwith: 6000000
Max. Bandwith: 6000000
Max. Resolution: Auto
Stream Selection: Auto
but I only get the [email protected]/s stream.

With KODI Version 20160616-b3a9c83-master (InputStream MPEG DASH 1.1.0) I can choose the different streams through the
Min. / Max. Bandwith settings.

If I try the Manual Stream Selection (through OSD), video get paused only audio plays....

Can you confirm this?
Not without any log file, sorry.
Hi peak3d,

I´m sorry, but how can I upload the LOG-file?
(2016-06-29, 14:22)gdz2007 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi peak3d,

I´m sorry, but how can I upload the LOG-file?

Here's how you submit a log file

Also please do not copy and paste the log file here. Use a link to something like Paste Bin or a similar site.
...is there any other way as posting LOG-files on public sites like pastebin.com?
Because I don´t really know if there are any sensible data in the log file regarding the amazon account.

May I send it to your peak3d account?

I don´t want to spam here,
but if you don´t mind I can send you an e-mail (to the e-mail account I can see on your GitHub user profile?)
with the LOG-file attached.
If you are interested, please let me know.

Anyway, I especially want to thank you and FernetMenta for your great work so far,
making it possible to watch Amazon natively within Kodi.

(...sorry for the bad english)
@gdz2007 if you open the log file using any text editor, search for you username and password, if they are there you can remove them and replace with ***** or whatever then post on pastebin, if you follow the link Talguy provided and looked in the Advanced section, it tells you there how to do it.
Note the the intention of creating this addon was to support DASH. If it is used for anything further, it is not in responsibility of team Kodi. Please refrain from any drm discussions here in the forum. We can't allow those.
Some general information about bandwidth:

a.) 6MBIT are afaik not 6000000 in my understanding its 1024*1024*6, pls try to increase the min value.
b.) inputstream makes a 90%/10% split to evaluate the bandwidth for video / audio stream, so in fact the 6000000 will be multiplied by 0.9 for the video part.
c.) in each mpd manifest file you'll find the bandwith in each "Representation", what bandwidth value is given there for the 6MBit stream?
The URL of the mpd manifest can be found in the kodi log file, you can simply view it by calling it with your web browser of choice.


From the mpd manifest I get the following 12 streams:

bandwidth="150000" height="288" id="video_eng=150000" width="512"><BaseURL>*_video_1.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="200000" height="288" id="video_eng=200000" width="512"><BaseURL>*_video_2.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="300000" height="288" id="video_eng=300000" width="512"><BaseURL>*_video_3.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="450000" height="288" id="video_eng=450000" width="512"><BaseURL>*_video_4.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="600000" height="404" id="video_eng=600000" width="720"><BaseURL>*_video_5.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="900000" height="404" id="video_eng=900000" width="720"><BaseURL>*_video_6.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="1350000" height="404" id="video_eng=1350000" width="720"><BaseURL>*_video_7.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="2000000" height="404" id="video_eng=2000000" width="720"><BaseURL>*_video_8.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="2500000" height="720" id="video_eng=2500000" width="1280"><BaseURL>*_video_9.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="4000000" height="720" id="video_eng=4000000" width="1280"><BaseURL>*_video_10.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="6000000" height="720" id="video_eng=6000000" width="1280"><BaseURL>*_video_11.mp4</BaseURL>
bandwidth="10000000" height="1080" id="video_eng=10000000" width="1920"><BaseURL>*_video_12.mp4</BaseURL>

My screen resolution is set to 1920x1080.
InputStream settings:
Max. Resolution / Stream Selection: Auto
Min. Bandwith: 0
Max. Bandwith: Beginning at 15000000 and decreasing...

--> from 15000000 to 12000000 stream 12 is selected
--> from 11000000 to 3000000 stream 9 is selected
--> from 2500000 to 700000 stream 5 is selected
--> from 600000 to 150000 stream 1 is selected

With InputStream.mpd 1.1.0 (20160616-b3a9c83-master) for example I get with Max.Bandwith: 4000000 stream 10
and with 2500000 stream 9 and so on.

inputstream.mpd 1.1.6 solved tis issue.