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Full Version: PVR: Player.Open using number instead of channelid
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Hi guys,

I have several Raspberry PIs installed in a restaurant and would like to integrate those into home-automation. Almost everything works, but I got struggeled programming a button that opens the first PVR-channel.

The issue is, that I need to get the channelid from the KODI first - but this channelid is different on every KODI.

Is it possible to choose the channel using the PVR-"number"?
This field is synchronized with the backend (tvheadend).

Or you have any other idea how I may solve this issue (eg. sync channelid across all kodis)?

kind regards
You would need to find the right channelid for each kodi. Run a simple json to get list of channels and then find your channel ID via part of the Channel label you want, or simple open the right entry in your json list ([0] for channel 1, [1] for channel 2, etc...).