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Full Version: Music database export/import not working (when lastscraped is null)
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I am using the 0620 nightly for skin work on role artists.

I did a single file export of the music library. Didn't see any errors or other things of note in the debug log, but all I got in my export file was
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<musicdb />

I also tried an import, and it seemed like Kodi processed the file but it didn't change anything in MyMusic60.db.

I went back to the 0523 nightly I have been using in the past, and single file export library import is working there.

I also did a video library export in 0620 and that worked.

scott s.
Thanks Scott. I did a quick check on my dev version (branched sometime between the two versions you tested) and import/export seems to work fine. AFAIK I am the only person changing music database things, and I can't think why 0620 nightly isn't working.

Odd indeed, but I will do some more checking.
Ignore. Sorry I wasted your time. Main problem was I forgot that I had unchecked "fetch add'l info" so all my "last scraped date"s were null. (I don't see why export/import depends on this but it's always been this way.)

scott s.
No worries. The dependency of export on scraping is naff, and something on my list to change. I guess the idea was that since import only touches scraped data, if you had not scraped then there was nothing ot export. Of course exporting what you have is a great way to create a template of what needs data, and I kow that your work around is to set the last scraped dates to something using SQL.