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Full Version: Proper Image Size for new Builds
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Sorry i didnt know what "pre fix" to use... but I have a Shield I just purchased, and although I like some builds, I think I would rather build a very simple one to my liking... Nothing too extravegent. I am really new to Kodi..but catch on kinda quick I think at least... I can create my own menu's all that,ect.. I have been using Kodi about 2 months now.. But now as I get into these build things.. I find myself struggling with ability to add images in proper size format... I would like to use them as my backgrounds and theme of my build. Is there a trick to this? I had hoped that Kodi took images and rescaled them automaticaly..and I hunted for BEST quality images over 1000 pixels... on google.. but some work and some do not..I have no background in "imaging" and could use a few tips..Appreciate ya!!