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Full Version: Eunique
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In a moment of insanity I set eunique as my Skin. it is ridiculously bad but when I try to enter appearance/settings etc it won't allow me to. I've spent over two hours trying. All the advice says "go to settings/appearance and choose a different skin". Apart from uninstalling Kodi and starting again is there a way to delete this abomination from my Kodi?
Blunt method; delete the skin folder and kodi will default back to confluence.

PS moved to an appropriate place, discussions is not for help.
Thank you for your kind (and prompt) assistance, as a new member (I'm almost an hour old now) I was unaware there was a separate page for help questions. Also now that I have the necessary information I can go on google and find out how to track down the said folder and delete it. All is well! Seriously though thank you.
BTW if you installed Kodi 17 aka Krypton, all the settings menus have been changed, so you can't follow any older advice on where to find a particular setting. Now it's under "Interface Settings".

scott s.
You haven't told us what OS you are using so no one can tell you where the skin folder is. However it is probably a folder called skin.eunique.