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Full Version: Synchronizing 2 directories
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Good evening,

I've been trying to google a way to synchronize 2 directory's.

So i can manually copy files via "bestandsbeheer" (filemanagement i guess, it's translated to Dutch in my version of kodi).

But i'd really like to know if there's a way to automatically synchronize 2 directory's specifically:

webdav (stackstorage.com) to local harddisk (and the other way arround, if something is copyd to the harddisk it will upload to external server)

Is there any plugin or script to do this automatic?
@badmice - I don't speak dutch but from the little google-fu I know that looks like it may be piracy related. This is something that we do not condone nor support here on these forums.
BitTorrent Sync

works between computers on your network, not sure about using the cloud
@bry Ok you scared me on calling Piracy.. No idea where thats coming from.


My parents are scared they loose the familypictures and some documents so they wanted the Raspberry Pi as a backup device. so i made virtual network drives for the RPi harddisks and they copy paste stuff to it every now and then from laptop/pc.

Then they started using Stack (its offered via our domainregistrar transip.nl so no piracy there i guess??) its synchronizing the pictures between the PC and the laptop.

Now they asked me if i could do this automatically for the RPi as well so i googed and found: https://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/lis...7#46584737

Thisway the pictures from Stack are available from the RPi and they have the latest pictures and stuff so they asked if i could copy the stuff from stack to the harddisks on the RPi

But i can't find a way to automatically synchronize stack > kodi or pc+laptop > kodi

That bittorent sync thats what sounds a little scary cause i'm not sure if i'd like to see the family pictures show up on torrent networks, i'm pretty sure the pictures are quit decent Tongue but i'd rather not have my baby pics showing up over the internet Tongue hahahaha
or did you ment google-fu on "bestandsbeheer" cause thats a translation INSIDE kodi ... XD
Thread moved to OS independent.

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