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Full Version: Few KODI questions
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My old htpc (zbox with windows) was having some difficulties in running full HD. The machine is a few years old and it was time for an upgrade.
So I've read the forum and it was clear that the new Wetek Core was the machine for me. Nice specs and easy to control with the remote. (I used to use a mouse)

After I installed the device and began browsing KODI I noticed a few differences with my windows based KODI.
For instance, when running 'confluence' skin, there isn't a tab named "movies" in my home screen and I cant seem to add it in settings>appearance>skin settings.
I can't seem to find the same skins as my windows based KODI. Even when I click 'get more'.
When trying to connect with my NAS, it can only be done with Upnp. And when creating the connection, I cant pick a scraper, so it doesn't recognise my files as movies. Sad

Please help! I have the feeling I bought the wrong machine.. Sad
The movies tab will only show once movies have been scanned in, so that will be taken care of once we fix your other issue.

Do any new skins show up when you click "get more"? What version of Kodi are you running? Some skins are only available for certain Kodi versions.

Have you tried manually entering the address for your NAS using another protocol, such as


Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of the NAS? Sometimes automatic discovery for SMB doesn't work right, but manually entering the IP will still work.
Thanks for your reaction.

I tried google and I solved most of it.
To access my synology I had to activate the guest account on the synology.
SMB working properly after that.
As a reaction of that, movies tab appeared (as you said) Smile

About those skins, I will keep the default one. It's not that big of a deal.

Thanks again.
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