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Full Version: Library Miss Scanning TV shows
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Ok I have been having this problem for a while and it's driving me nuts....

Every time I add my Source via the Videos tab and then it starts the

"Scanning TV shows using the TVDB" it seems to pick up every tv series as "Scream The TV series"

And this part always DRIVES ME INSANE....

I don't have Scream AT ALL and it just bulks all my tv series into Scream.

How can. I fix this up so it doesn't happen again?
Most likely it's an issue with the way you have your TV shows named wherever they are stored. See the wiki page here for more details on how to do it properly for Kodi. The shows should be in one folder per show (with optional sub-folders for different seasons of the show if you wish), with the same name as used in the database that's being scraped (theTVDB in this case).

Also the folder type needs to be set to TV Shows in the scraper settings.

Can you give some examples of how your shows are stored on your source drive (presuming they are locally stored) so we can confirm what is going on. Also gather, upload and post a link to a debug log (wiki) of an attempt to scrape your media so we can see what Kodi sees.
Its most likely you have the scanner pointing at the wrong directory level. A debug log as suggested by Darren will help.

In fact from playing around on tvdb web site, you can see that if you search for "TV Series" you get "Scream: the TV Series" as the number one search result. This confirms what I thought.