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Full Version: Confluence (streaming audio addon) STATS won't turn off
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I signed up to the forum just now to ask: How can I turn the stats off while in fullscreen mode during streaming audio from an addon, like say Digitally Imported?

The Stats that are constantly on the screen are:

"Audio codec: aac - Bitrate: 49kbps - Bits/sample: 32 - Sample rate: 44.1kHz - Audio channels: 2
fps: 59.52"

And I cannot find anything for turning it off. So I can no longer listen to any audio addons because I don't want these Stats burnt into my television screen.

Please, someone tell me how to turn these stats off in Krypton - Confluence skin.

Alternatively I can blank the screen I guess. I wan't to see vizualizations again.
It's fixed in master but hasn't been pushed to the repo yet.

Well good thing it is fixed and making it's way to the repo.
Thanks Hitcher for the quick reply.

Because Github is like a foreign country to me, I don't where to go and I don't know the language they speak, so I can't figure out how to get anything from Github. I've never tried.

How soon till the fix is on the Repo?

Edit: I figured it out, was pretty easy, just download the zip file and install it into Kodi. Thanks again Smile

If you are a fan of Confluence, you might want to give:
a try. It also has the fix included! Smile
I may give Confluence Z a try. I noticed it in the Get More list. Thanks for the recommendation.
I don't know if you use some kind of custom prebuild KODI system, but as far as i know the Skin is not part of any "Get more"-Skin-list since it's not in the official (Skins)-repo.

Standard installation method would be via my repo zip-file (which provides auto-updates)
(See thread for simple installation instructions) Smile
You are correct. I must thought I'd seen on the list.