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Full Version: Changing playback quality
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I'm new to the forum, and VERY new to KODI.

So I am using the fire TV stick with the KODI addon.

And I have searched everywhere for an answer - but haven't found one.

How and where do I change the video playback quality in KODI?? The thing is, I don't want/need high quality playback streaming so I wanted to lower it - you know the way you can lower quality settings in Netflix and youtube.

Thanks in advance.
not possible
Actually, in some cases, it is possible to lower the stream quality by limiting your bandwidth in the Kodi settings.

System -> Settings -> System -> Internet access -> Internet connection bandwidth limitation

The option is only visible with the Settings level at 'Advanced' or 'Expert'.

Doesn't work with all add-ons though.


Also, some add-ons have stream quality options in their own settings. Right-click on the add-on name to bring up the context menu and choose 'Add-on settings'.
Please how do i adjust the video quality on my kodi 17.6. My internet is slow so i would prefer a lower quality.
It depends on what add-ons you are using to access the internet stream. Some may have an adjustment in settings, some may not.

Which add-ons are you using?
What are you playing back, and where is it sourced from? What add-on(s) (if any) are involved?