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Full Version: Please could you help me re: central database and profiles?
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New registrant here and long time user of this superb program.


I have done a search but admittedly a bit rushed as i'm away early morning and i'd like to get this sorted.


Setup is: Shared MySQL database on ReadyNAS 102. This works without issue on all of my devices i've shared with.


What i am trying to achieve here is:

A 2nd profile "Travel" on my android tablet.
Local sources from the memory card only on this profile.

I have read the guides and they make sense, i have followed the prompts to "separate settings/sources" but this second profile when logged in still uses the shared MySQL database.

I was hoping to make a new profile an absolute fresh start at this point.


Is there anything i have overlooked? Again i just want a clean new profile separate from the MASTER one which will be used when connecting back to my existing network.


Thanks in advance for any advice.
*scratch the previous reply if you saw it*

Thought i sorted it but still the new profile doesn't seem to have started afresh.
I think posting a debug (wiki) log to pastebin captured when you are switching from the master to the travel profile will provide important clues as to what is happening. Do you have an advancedsettings.xml file for the travel profile?

scott s.
With profiles Kodi can access advancedsettings.xml files in two places, one in the main userdata (wiki) folder and the other in the sub-folder of the profiles folder that you will find in the userdata folder. The first one is the one used by the default master log-in, but it is also used by all profiles as well. The second one is specific to the profile in question, and is loaded afterwards (but only when that particular profile is in use).

Basically what seems to happen is the top level advancedsettings.xml is used as well as any version that is in your profile (if you look in the profiles folder in the userdata directory, you will see one folder for each profile containing a second set of configuration files/folders specifically for that profile). So if that top level one contains MySQL settings, those will be used for each profile in addition to whatever is set up specifically for the profile itself.

If you look in the debug log (wiki) you should see Kodi loading both, which would confirm that is what's happening. If so then just remove any MySQL settings from the advancedsettings.xml file in the userdata folder (and indeed anything that you don't want common to all profiles) and put them into an advancedsettings.xml file in the folder of the profile itself and you should be good to go.

It does work, as that's how I have my tablet set up for exactly this usage. When setting up profiles it's sometimes good to start from a fresh clean install to avoid all of this, or at least to set up two specific profiles (one for travelling and one for network/MySQL) and then move everything into those and keep the main user folder empty of anything that you don't want applied to all profiles.