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Full Version: For admins: How to accept requests for new wiki accounts
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I've updated that page with some more examples and some additional notes. A few spammers actually got through last week, so I've started to be more strict in the screening process, and noted what to look out for on that page.

Currently (2016) to edit on the Kodi wiki a user must request an account. They fill out their desired username, e-mail address (which needs to be confirmed via a "confirm account" e-mail link), and filling out a short "why do you want to edit the wiki" question. The question is only meant to help filter out spammers.

Normally, I'm able to handle these requests, but if I am ever inactive or disappear, someone will need to check the requests. I try to do it a few times a day, but at least once a week would be needed. Any wiki admin (which should be any Team Kodi member with a wiki account) can approve or reject an account request. If need be, we can make some community members into wiki admins as well.