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Full Version: Kodi 16.1 crash on startup (OSX 10.11.6)
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Kodi keeps crashing on startup, already installed multiple versions (no clean install, no idea what I have to delete for a clean install), but crashing on startup every single time


For a clean install you need to go to
~/Library/Application Support/
and delete the Kodi folder.

The user library is hidden by default. You can see it by holding the Option key and pulling down the Go menu in Finder or copy and paste the path into the Go To Folder text box.

Be sure you are installing the latest stable version of Kodi (v16.1) from here.
Did a clean install, deleted what you told me and also everything that contained the work "Kodi" and "XBMC", but it's crashing again.

Crashlog: http://pastebin.com/S4ATSQuE