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Full Version: DVD/Blu-ray caching not working or supported?
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I couldn't find anything at all, tried searching for dvd caching or buffering and turning up nothing. I have mostly ripped DVDs in my library and am accessing it over SMB, my network always has random dropouts that last for maybe between 10-30 seconds and need some buffering for uninterrupted playback. I tried tweaking the buffer settings in advancedsettings.xml but as soon as I lose access to the file server (I am using 'ping -t x.x.x.x' to continuously ping it) the DVD playback stops at the same time, leading me to believe that caching is not working or supported for DVDs (I can't find any info confirming or denying that). Sometimes Kodi will recover (but does some kind of weird fast forwarding/speedup) and sometimes it will quit playback.

I am not getting any stuttering or choppy playback while the server is responsive.

Kodi 16.1
Windows 7 SP1 64-bit
Intel i7-2600k / 16GB RAM (DDR3-1600)

Yeah, for some reason ISO files and video_TS files are excluded from the video cache settings. I'm not sure why.
After the last interruption I decided to try downgrading the wireless NIC driver on the server to the "official" one from the manufacturer's website (it was using a newer one from somewhere not sure where) and managed to get through the rest of the movie and 4 others without missing a beat. I found a nifty light ping program that does multiple IPs, alarm when a ping fails and when it fails, and has not logged any failures. Normally I have trouble getting through 20 minutes of a movie before I lose the connection, hopefully this keeps up.