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Full Version: Video clips management?
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Sorry for newbie question. But is there a Kodi feature or plug-in that can display (motion) thumbnails for video clips?

I have quite a lot home/vacation video clips. Instead of burning DVDs/BDs, I'd like to dump them into the hard drive and management them with Kodi. But I'd like to mimic the DVD/BD menu function, which is:

1) Have an array of thumbnails (right now I'm using 4 x 3 = 12 thumbnails) on the screen.
2) Each thumbnail is playing a short (20s by default, customizable) of the corresponding video clip so the watcher has an idea what this clip is about.
3) Text description below each thumbnail (e.g. "Disney Magic Kingdom", "Tommy's Birthday", etc.)
4) Title description on the top of the screen (e.g. "Video Clips 2015", "Florida Road Trip", etc.)
5) Customizable background music and background image/video

So in short, to mimic the DVD/BD menu function. Is Kodi capable of doing this? If not, is there another application capable of doing so? Pegasys' PGMX format seems to be the closes one. But I'd prefer something more widely accepted like Kodi. (http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tpxc.html) Thanks!