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Full Version: Fast Forward Key Not Working - Jarvis/Windows
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When I'm watching a video and try to use the 'F' keyboard shortcut to fast forward, it pauses, then goes back to playing. If I hold it down, it seems to just pause the video.

If I go to the menu, then use the >> button, it starts to fast forward just fine. Multiple presses result in multipliers of the speed. Exactly as I expect.

Why doesn't the keyboard shortcut work? It's not a big deal, but from a UX perspective and using my remote (I use keyboard for testing), it kinda sucks.

I'm running Jarvis on Windows 10.

Let me know if there is any other information that would be helpful.

Oh, and rewind behaves the same way. Doesn't work with 'R' key, but does with menu/<<.

If you press and hold left or right, does it work? Can you get us a debug log (wiki) of when you try (either method)?