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Full Version: can't install Add on MCERemote
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Hello I'm kinda new with kodi, I used to use plex, but, now I decided to switch to kodi, so far so good, for now I manage to set up kodi as I was used to with plex, Amber sking, the layout, the behavior, just watching Youtube videos, but now I run into something I coulnd't do, a few weeks ago I bought a "smart remote control with IR, keyboard and mouse"


this wireles kremote/keyboard, has a key [ ° ] that in Windows 7 launches Windows Media Center, and the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue buttons, that in the manual say that they only work with WMC, I didn't check them
so, I'm Archlinux, running kodi, and I 'd like know if this Add on MCERemote will let me use in kodi any of those buttons

I downloaded the plugin.program.mceremote-2.0.5.zip, but when I tried to installed it, but it failed, invalid structure

kodi version: Jarvis 16.1
OS: Archlinux 64 bits
Remote: BTT 202 ( I couldn't find the manufacture website )
You're probably better off installing it from the Kodi repo rather than trying to do it from the zip. There are instructions on the wiki page on how to download the addon from the official repo.

I can't find it in the repo:
Quote:Log viewer for Kodi
Maps browser
Movie Quiz
Netwalk Game

that is whay I decided to go for downloading the zip file...

if I do a search for "MCERemote" nothing is found, just the ".."
I don't know this remote but i suspect it's a rc6 compatible one (shows up in device manager as an 'ehome device').
If that's the the case you could also use a windows program to map buttons.
I think it's a very neat app, more explained here: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=164252
I don't use Windows PC, I used it just to test the Remote, I'm on Arch.
I think I'll have to play with lirc, to do what I want, not sure but...
Ah, that threw me off.
Yes, lirc might help then..