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Full Version: MovieMeter.nl (Dutch Movies) Scraper development...
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I would like to try and create a moviemeter.nl scraper.
I just doen't have as much information a imdb, only:

Director name
Actor names

Is it possible to retrieve other things like rating from imdb?
i want this also

I have checkt diffent pages and all pages has the same content:

PHP Code:
<img class="poster" src="http://www.moviemeter.nl/images/covers/30000/30611.jpg" style="width: 200px;" alt="Verlengd Weekend (2005)" /><div id="film_stars"><div class="star_full"></div><div class="star_full"></div><div class="star_full"></div><div class="star_empty"></div><div class="star_empty"></div></div><div id="film_votes"><b>133</bstemmen<span class="divider"> | </span>gemiddelde <b>3,11</b></div><div id="film_poster_stats_topnotation" style="padding-bottom: 20px;"></div><div id="film_myvote"></div><div id="film_poster_stats_bottom"  style="background: red;margin-top: -46px;"></div></div><div id="film_info">Belgi&euml;<br />Komedie<br />93 minuten<br /><br />geregisseerd door <a href="http://www.moviemeter.nl/director/4743">Hans Herbots</a><br />met Jan DecleirKoen De Bouw en Wouter Hendrickx<br /><br />Deze sociale komedie vertelt het verhaal van twee ontslagen werknemers van een Kempisch familiebedrijfje (Jan Decleir en Wouter Hendrickx) die hun ex-werkgever (Koen De Bouwgijzelen in zijn eigen huisHet duo heeft het plan opgevat voor zichzelf en hun gedupeerde werkmakkers een schadevergoeding af te dwingenMaar niets loopt zoals gepland.</div>

mabey there is somebody to can make a plugin based on the source code from videometer.nl
yes, you can chain as you want in the scrapers - just have a look at the imdb one
I'm also trying to make a scraper for moviemeter.nl. Problem is i cant get the results of the search.

the search page:

redirects to

What i get after scraping this page is a blank search page.

Anyone have any tips how to get the search results?

Been looking at other scrapers for about a day now but haven't been able to find the solution.
you need to post the form at http://www.moviemeter.nl/film/search/
Forgive me if this is an newbie question. I'm just starting with this scraper stuff.

Here's what i got
After some searching i found that you can query moviemeter.nl like this:


To do this i need to get the hashcode from the http://www.moviemeter.nl main page. This means i first have to request the main page. Read the hashcode from the results and then create my actual search request.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this in the scraper. Does anyone have an idea/solution?
i just added chaining in getsearchresults so you can do this


What's the status of this project?
I would love to see my movieinformation in Dutch... Smile
And a lot of Dutch community-members with me I guess...
I can't speak for the topic starter but i'm still working on it. As i'm just getting into this scraper development i'm at a trial and error stage so it might take me a while.
you got the search thing working i assume?
spiff Wrote:you got the search thing working i assume?
I've got it as far as downloading the main page and recovering the hash value needed for the search. I've been on vacation so haven't worked on it much.

What it does now is request the main page and retrieve the hashcode. Next i loose the moviename/search string as $$1 gets overwritten. I need both to build the complete search string. Next problem is to get the scraper to request the actual search url. Which is where chaining (is what you mentioned) comes in i guess?

I've very little time to figure everyting out. Mostly i skip my lunch breaks at work to work on this, so please excuse me if it takes me a long time. Hope to have it figured out and complete in a few weeks if i can find time.

<CreateSearchUrl clearbuffers="no" dest="3">
store inputstring in,say, $$9
return <url>mainpage</url>

<GetSearchResults dest="3">
fetch hash
return <url function="realgetresults">someurl</url> based on hash and $$9

return the parsed results

important points being;

1) the clearbuffers=no will make sure you don't clear the buffers between subsequent calls. this means you can pass the searchstring further on.
2) the url with a function parameter is what i'm referring to as chaining
Thanks spiff that clears some things up.

I made/found some time yesterday to work on the scraper and think i got it at a stage that it can retrieve the basic details from moviemeter. I'm testing it using scrap.exe but it seems to keep crashing. I also tried the imdb.xml with scrap.exe which also fails. So i'm guessing that scrap.exe differs from xbmc in functionality and that i should test the scraper with xbmc. Hopefully i will find time this weekend to make a stable "basic" version of the scraper after which i will be looking at adding impawards, movieposterdb support for posters and imdb support for additional movie details.
scrap is outdated and we lost the source code for parts of it :/
Thanks for all the help you are providing spiff.
I think it might be usefull to update the wiki with the fact that scrap.exe is outdated because the current wiki page doesnt notify you of this. Or am i missing something?
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