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Full Version: Video Preview Control(?) for a Wrap List
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Hi Everyone. I'm trying to build a layout with a WrapList of videos as items where the focused element immediately starts to play a video preview. The goal after it is for the video to continue in fullscreen after the user clicks on it. (kind of like it happens in facebook)

I didn't find any Control Video type.

So I started a workaround with the "videowindow" control which shows the video that is currently playing in the mplayer when the player is not focused.

With this workaround I'm suffering of one issue that I didn't find any elegant solution: I always need to start the mplayer with the video for each focused list item, put the video window in background by bringing back the window that contains the wraplist. As you may guess this user experience is horrible.

Two questions:
1) If I follow this workaround, There's any way to preload a video into the mplayer without bringing it to fullscreen?

2) Do you have any other suggestion?