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Full Version: Is my TV truly 24p capable?
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Sorry this is more of a tv question than Kodi. If anyone with good tv tech knowledge could help then i would be happy.

I have Samsung 60z TV Model.No: UN46EH5300F) that I use to stream 24p connect from Kodi.

All looks good and when pressing 'O' Kodi shows that 24p content is being revcieved and outputted at 24p. My TV inturn also notifies me with a popup info box showing that tv is in 24p mode.

In spite of this I have seen various articles starting that many 60z TVs aren't truly capable of 24p mode and are just doing some sort of pull down to compensate.

I've heard to get true 24p viewing that you need a TV with refresh rate if 120hz.
Can any body with tv tech knowledge confirm this be true or not. Becasye If so looks like I'll have to shell out on a 120hz TV to enjoy my Kodi content.

Many thx for any help.

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log might tell