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I am totally new here, so my apologies if this is a silly question.Themoviedb was installed on my Android TV and works fine. However, I noticed that the programm translated the non English film titles into English, which I do not want. I then discovered the option "keep original title" which I activated accordingly. I suppose that the addon needs to go through my list of films again, but how is this done? I even wanted to uninstall the add on and then reinstall, but this is not possible: the uninstall option is not available.

Another newbee question: which is the better choice: Themoviedb or the Universal Movie Scraper? Can I have both?

Many thanks.
You can re-scrape you entire library by re-setting the content. Video - Settings - select the source and ' set content' (via 'C' o your keyboard or right mouse click). When re-setting the content, define what kind of content (movies, tv show etc) and then the scraper you want to. It is also possible to choose which language to use for the description.
Also clean the library to prevent double entries.

If that doesn't work remove the source (to be really thorough, also remove the video database in your user profile) and let Kodi re-scan.
Dear Miss_80,

Many thanks for your quick reply, that was most helpful. I still have one small problem, though: for all films it now says: "*hidden to prevent spoilers*". I do like having these film descriptions, so how can I change this? Haven't found anything under settings. Thanks again.
sorry, problem solved: I found it under library > show plot for unwatched items.