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Full Version: Creating Custom Movie Sets or Hierarchies For Sports Series
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Using either an outside media manager (to create a NFO) or a file naming convention, what is the best way to create custom movie sets or hierarchies?

For example, if there was a sports series like the 2016 NBA Championships, how do I set it up so that it comes up like:

Cleveland vs. Golden State (Movie Item - Custom Poster/Fan Art)
- Game 1 (It's own custom poster/fan art)
- Game 2 (It's own custom poster/fan art)
- Game 3 (It's own custom poster/fan art)
- etc.....

It is currently coming through as:

Cleveland vs. Golden State - Game 1
Cleveland vs. Golden State - Game 2
Cleveland vs. Golden State - Game 3

So it is showing up as a single movie, instead of as a series/set.
Tags Video library tags (wiki) are my thoughts immediately, next smart playerlists using tags, everything else gets mess and a laborious effort of hand editing. On the outside, something like Add-on:Super Favourites (wiki) would definitely fit the bill.
Thanks, but wouldn't that mean I would have to go through different custom lists or filter on certain library tags in order to display it that way?

I was hoping that it would show up as one item in my Movie library when browsing.

I would be willing to sacrifice the fanart/posters, etc for each individual game if there was a file structure that would make this work.
There's custom nodes Video nodes (wiki) and Add-on:Video Node Editor (wiki) which offer alternatives, I like the KISS philosophy of doing things, what you want to do is definitely do-able but just so much effort with custom .nfo to show one cover under a set. Another possibility is custom TV series with each game as episodes, but again effort required, and it'll not show up as a set. If you would be satisfied with 'file mode' you could make custom folders for each series with sub folders for the games, just don't scrape anything Smile

If you come up with better solutions, pass it along. Did you even look at SF?
Ember Media Manager is fantastic for this.
You'd want this set as a TV series instead of a movie, however.
Save your vids as you would any other show (source/folder/season/video.mkv). EMM will scan the items in as unrecognizable. Then you can just add pics and .nfo for each. I did this with all my home videos, and it looks great.

IF you want to keep it as a movie entity, you can have them ALL show up, but then they would combine under SETS.

Search WIKI for sets.

And yes, Super Favorites is really cool. Essential if you like organizing your items for later use on a temp or permanent level. Also, the favorites can be shared through a NAS without need of SQL setup.