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Full Version: trakt.tv, how it works?
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So I found out that I can sync both my plex and kodi libraries when it comes to watched status using trakt.tv.

I installed and setup the add-on on kodi but I am confused as to how it works. I have set it to upgrade with a library scan however my online account at trakt.tv shows nothing under library. Is this meant to just scan anything new added after I install the add-on or is it suppose to scan my current library the way it is?

Also I am using SQL on kodi, would that make a difference with the add on?

Side note: when I try to run the add-on, I get a message saying its parsing 283 episodes, thats nowhere near the total amount of episodes that I have.
Trakt addon just makes it so you can rate and "scrobble" your viewing. The Trakt Manager addon will keep track of your watched files.

You can use Trakt manager without Trakt addon running, I don't care if other people know what I'm watching, so I uninstalled Trakt but keep Trakt Manager.