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Full Version: 3D problems
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I have the MXQ android box. I found several sites that offer 3D movies. I have a Viewsonic projector that has the capability of playing 3D content, through an HDMI connection. I have DLP link 3D glasses. I have my MXQ box connected to my projector, via the HDMI cable. The 3D movies are not displaying correctly. Any ideas?

Thank you.
If your projector only supports Field Sequential 3D (3D Bluray format) only, then you are out of luck,
Most online sites including Youtube present 3D in Side-by-side (SBS) or Top-and-bottom (TAB) formats. So the projector needs to support one of those formats for you to watch the movies in 3D, and you may have to setup on the projector whether you are playing SBS or TAB