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Full Version: Vertical Red line during video playback
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Recently when watching any movie with Kodi, regardless of file type, a vertical red line appears directly in the middle of the screen. It only happened after I switched HDMI cables on my HTPC but it persisted after switching back to the old cable, and also doesn't appear at any other time or while using either windows media player or VLC.
I've tried updating to Kodi 16.1 and to the the 17.0 Alpha. Neither of which solved the problem.
The line is there from the second I hit play to the end of the movie and has caused me to have to completely give up on using Kodi for the time being. Any help on solving this would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running Kodi on Windows 10 on an HTPC with a Radeon R7 250 graphics card and an AMD A6-5400K dual core APU (the GPU in this is disabled) if that is at all helpful
I currently have the Alpha of Kodi 17.0 installed