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Full Version: Using builds from Youtube
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I am very new at this and have successfully dowloaded Kodi and opened the app on my Mac-mini. I see many "builders" on You tube. After looking at these I have used the "Top Tutorials build" from the UK. The developer seems straight forward and does not run down anyone or anything. Two questions:
1. Do you know this developer who promotes "Top Tutorials"
2. As his downloads are based on materials from the UK (TV Programs.sports channels etc), who would you recommend that I use to assist in building content based out of North America.

Kodi as currently configured is working very well. I have downloaded the App cleaner from Apple and cleared up an earlier problem.

Thank you for you support
Please read free content (wiki). What you're talking about is using pirate/bootleg video sources, which Kodi has no part in. A lot of people seem to associate the two, but Kodi was actually made to work using a person's local video file library. The Kodi project and community here cannot help with pirate/bootleg add-ons/builds/etc.
Also read the forum rules (wiki) on the subject - almost all of those so-called "tutorials" are centred around banned add-on (wiki) junk that violates them.

As background reading, you may also like to read this and this, both blogs on the subject.

If you are foolish enough to go that way and you walk into problems, system instability, your data getting stolen, your network compromised and your dog running away with next door's cat, don't come running to us for help.

The simple answer to your thread title question is "Don't".
Thank you for your replies. I will certainly be more careful in the future. As a precaution I have removed that "build" from the Kodi app and will do my own build following your directions. Thank you once again.