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Full Version: Artist Slideshow not downloading images (tag err)
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I tested Artist Slideshow 2.0 on multiple versions of Kodi (currently using 17.0) and Artist Slideshow doesn't download any images for any artist . I never had a problem with previous versions of AS.

From the Kodi log:
DEBUG: unrecognized ID3 frame detected: TLEN

This problem is with all skins, How can I fix this?
1. AS is a program add-on, not a music add-on. You need to ask in the program forum (there is a support thread there you should post to).

2. I think there are ongoing problems with the sites providing art, also you need to use mbid artist tags in your music files. Check out the AS thread posts for the past couple weeks or so since 2.0 beta to get a better idea.

3. I don't think the Kodi tag reader decodes the TLEN tag so that's more info than a problem.

scott s.
I kinda give up. Everything was working fine before 2.0 without using mbid. I get multiple errors like :unrecognized ID3 frame detected: PRIV

I googled the tag error and came up with a lot of hits, but no fix.

I guess I will have to wait until AS is fixed.
There are many tags Kodi does not read. These are shown in debug logs, but this isn't an error. You can look at the code on github for taglib to see exactly which tags Kodi reads. From the standpoint of AS, I think all that matters for ID3 is TPE1 or TPE2 and TXXX musicbrainz artistid.

scott s.
There is a beta version of ArtistSlideshow in its Program add-on thread that adds a lookup by artist name to resolve having no MusicBrainzID for the artist.