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Full Version: Imgur album images get cut
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When viewing imgur albuns, every image is displayed only halfway.

I noticed this since last week or so.


Looks OK from this end..your image is Width : 1 056 pixels and height: 498 pixels, perhaps you have some sort of scaling tagged on that web page or upload if the pixels don't match? Watch out for graphic memory limits, bandwidth problems or browser issues.
Looks fine to me too under both Android and Windows 10 (using Chrome on each).
I'm using firefox on a MBA.

Will try on chrome and Windows 7 and report back.
happens here as well firefox/chrome (linux).
it seems to depend on the width of your browser window.
It's certainly a problem with resolution...

If I "square" the browser I can see all images as expected...

My mba is 1440x900 Smile
Not only the dimension are broken, the menu icon in the upper right corner is out function too.
Yep, same here with Microsoft Edge and Chrome.
I would say: if you want it to work, do not use anything but 16:9 screen (if fact it apply to the forum and to kodi)

Bad for me: I use a 21:9 screen