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Full Version: Feature Request - Home Shelf Start Position
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Hi there,
I am really loving the Amber theme. Good job all around.
I thought of one thing that's missing: When you start Kodi it defaults to Videos in the Home Shelf as its starting position. Could position be selectable? Or can the order of the menus on the shelf be changed? I would have the skin park at the TV menu when first launched (but still be on the Home Screen).

I am running XBMC 16.3 for the Minix Android box.


Quick answer is yes.


It all depends on what other active menus you have selected.

I disabled Videos, Pictures, Music and a few others and created my own like Sci- Fi and Animation.

Moving my custom menus around I was able to have the landing Menu be TV Shows or Sci-Fi.

It's just trial and error.