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Full Version: [RELEASE] SeeqPod (Music) Plugin
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I just hacked together an ugly, but yet nice plugin to access the podcast music crawling service at http://Seeqpod.com - grab it here and have fun:
Extract it to your plugins folder (it contains a directory structure music/Seeqpod/..), so don't add those yourself. Just extract the zip to Q:\plugins
nice, will check it out

I found a song I've been looking for Smile

One possible issue, not with your plugin, but with music plugins. It adds all the songs from your search to now playing when you play one.

This is a new feature of XBMC, I wonder if it should be disabled for plugins or http:// urls?
Was gonna check this out, but the link wont load....bummerSad
Hudson_Hawk04 Wrote:Was gonna check this out, but the link wont load....bummerSad

Oh, sorry, my university server is down because we're having an important presentation..
Grab it here:
Thanks for the quick reply, looking forward to checking this outBig Grin
It seems to be working ok for me. Cheers Unbehagen

Is there anyway to save the music files?