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Full Version: vc-1 windows playback
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So I have narrowed down my issue. I am using .m2ts file that are vc-1 video codecs when file is selected to play cover are shows and CD case as if it where music. I have to press backspace twice to see video.... Is there a way to fix this so I do not have to press the backspace button to see the video? I have searched through some other post and policies are recommending turning of disabling the video card. This is. Not the answer I had the same issues with the built in Intel 4000 graphics and am still getting it with Nvidia 750 ti. Also the graphic is up to date and supposes directx 9,11 and a 12 I am only saying that because that was another answer. Sorry if I sound arrogant not meaning to I have been looking for a answer for a while and just figured out the exact cause I am just want some advice and will try any reasonable advice. Thanks for the help
You haven't accidentally told kodi that the source folder contains music have you? It's the only thing I can suggest, but I'm certainly no expert.
I wish but no I have all TV shows in there only media source. And actually I don't have any music added yet still trying to get the tags corrected on them
Looking at the kodi wiki it would seem that m2ts files aren't fully supported. Perhaps they need converting to work correctly. Although if that is the case, pressing back twice is probably easier!