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Full Version: KODI 16.1 jumps to VIDEOS - LIBRARY screen NO ACCESS to HOME SCREEN menu
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Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Win10 upon startup I get splash screen and then jumps to VIDEOS - LIBRARY menu. There does not seem to be any way to get to Home Screen. skin is MediaStream_Redux Since I don't have GUI access to Settings, is there a simple edit I can make to an xml file so KODI will startup in the HOME screen?

All else seems to function as expected from the VIDEOS - LIBRARY screen forward. We can locate movies and playback without issue. Have to use Task Manager in order to shut KODI down.

Was previously on prior version KODI 15.2.and it worked fine on both Win7 and after upgrading to Win10 several months ago. Recently upgraded to KODI Jarvis 16.1 and now can not get to home screen menu. I did not make any changes prior to updating to KODI Jarvis 16.1. I reinstalled Jarvis 16.1 but it seems to pick up the same configuration information.
Delete or edit the skin setting in guisettimgs.xml.
Took out the <skin> line and rebooted, that fixed it, now I have access to settings to restore function

Thanks nickr
Pleased to help.
I am back, there is something in MediaStream_Redux skin that seems to be problem. After I deleted the <skin> line in guisettings.xml and restarted, Kodi defaulted to confluence and opens with the Home screen. My wife seems to like MediaStream_Redux skin so she changed it back using the System/Settings/Appearance options in the GUI. Resulted in the same problem of not able to reach the Home Screen. Is there any other edit I can make to encourage MediaStream_Redux to default to the Home Screen?
Probably mediastream redux isn't updated for 16.1. It will still be there from 15.x, and you can switch to it, but if it hasn't been updated for 16, its not necessarily gonna work.

Update to wife 2.0 ;-)
Thanks, enjoy your humor, but she is wife 2.0 and a good one which I why I try to keep her happy. Confluence it is.