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Full Version: Can I get somewere the result from the resume dialog?
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When a video can be resumed, a dialog pops up with the question: start from beginning / resume from...


I need the result of what the user selects for further use in my addon.

Is this possible, and if yes how?

What windows ID has that resume dialog? I have been looking on github in the estuary source, but I'm no skinner and can't find this dialog (could someone point me to it please?). If I can't get the result of that dialog, then I can perhaps detect the dialog, close it and open my own dialog to ask the user for the info.

Is this windows ID the same for every skin? I assume not, because can't find a resume dialog in the list of windows ID's (this would mean I need to adjust the addon for every skin, should be possible I hope).

Asked this already in the addon forum, but nobody knows or cares...
Yes this window is the same for all the skin. It's DialogContextMenu.xml

ID for list is 996 but I'm not sure if it's possible to do what do you want.

I'll try some things...
(2016-07-30, 18:34)Wimpie Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks!

I'll try some things...

Did you managed it to get the result?
I'm facing the same problem, and I would appreciate if you share yor solution.

Sorry for my English.