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Full Version: Kodi Opens and Looks Like I Need 3D Glasses
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Please check out this pic. Any ideas what to do here. This happens from time to time and I can get it to go away but I can't figure out how anymore. Windows 10 with Kodi 16.1

Settings > System > Video Output > Stereoscopic 3D mode / Current

Fixed the image link for you.
Thanks so much for the quick reply and I may have messed up the image link you fixed. I've looked for that setting but can't find it in Video Output.
I did some digging and found someone suggested disabling stereoscopic 3D in the nVidia Control Panel. That did the trick for me. I do not have all the settings in my Video Output that I see posted about online though. Thanks again for your help Hitcher.
Might need to change your settings level to see it.