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Full Version: quick noob question
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According to The Movie DB 'The Hunstman: Winter's War' is how it's spelt. Now I've changed the colon to a space, added the '(2016)' to the folder name, but the library stil can't pick it up - have I done it wrong?
Huntsman, not hunstman. Or was that just a typo here?
(2016-08-01, 11:45)DarrenHill Wrote: [ -> ]Huntsman, not hunstman. Or was that just a typo here?

yeah, all files are spelled properly!!
Gather, upload and post a link to a debug log (wiki) of an attempt at scraping the file.
in this case sometimes less is more. name the file just "the huntsmen" it will assign the wrong movie to it but when you refresh movie information you can select the right one from a list of movie's with "the huntsman" in it.
The Huntsman Winter's War (2016) is how it should be saved. Kodi should find it based on that. If not, add a custom .nfo to the folder it's in.

All of my movies are set that way. Folder and file name are exactly the same with the date. Nfo inside + artwork.

Ember Media Manager also helps build .nfo files if you can't figure it out.
zielhuis, welcome to the forum! You get a frowny for bad info.

Calling it something incorrect still has the main file as incorrect. Refreshing is only an awful bandage if the file is named wrong. Why not just leave it as what it is...and refresh to find the correct one? Kodi would have still not found it, but for all purposes it was named close enough.
after trying several different things i ended up simplifying it.


that scraped it correctly.