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Full Version: Default scraper behavior when there is no database entry
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I have many video files properly named and placed in a file structure. TheTVDB scraper finds them in its database and promotes them to my library, except when there is no entry in TheTVDB. Case in point, I have several Dateline NBC files for July 2016, but TheTVDB only has entries up to September 2016, so none of the July episodes show up in the library. I personally added one of them to TheTVDB, and sure enough, the scraper found it a few hours later and populated my library with it.

Is there any way to cause the scraper to add files to the library that it finds in the folder, but are not in TheTVDB?

The behavior I would like to see is that it adds all files to the library, populating metadata from the scraper's database when there is a match, but at least adding the filename to the library when it doesn't find a match.

There are a two options that I'm aware of; I could update TheTVDB, or I could manually (or possibly automatically) make nfo files. However, it seems like a fairly trivial modification to the scraper logic to make placeholder entries that are minimally functional when no metadata is available. This way, there are never any items hidden in "files".