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Full Version: Kodi screen has no menu/ribbon
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Hello all,
I hope I'm in the right form (Big Time NOOB). I successfully set up my G-Box and configured Kodi three days ago. All of a sudden when I logged into Kodi yesterday I lost the ribbon that lists Pictures, Video, Programs, Systems selections. Has anyone seen this before? I've looked through as many forums and FAQs as I could but found nothing that works.

NOTE: I tried the Force Close option and cleared the cache (NOT THE DATA). I've updated the app in Google Store and still I am not able to see the ribbon. See attachment

Remove Kodi and install it again perhaps?
Hello 808,
Thanks for the response. I actually just resolved the issue

I downloaded a file manager app "Root Explorer" and navigated to

Deleted guisettings.xml and restarted Kodi successfully

I found the information on this site

Apparently, I may have corrupted the file because I did not shut down Kodi gracefully upon exit. (Click shut down button on the lower left hand corner of the screen)