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Full Version: Fade out on STOP / NEXT-SONG and Fade out on PAUSE, Fade in on RESUME
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This is something I wanted for a very long time so I decided to post a suggestion :-)

It would be nice to have Kodi fadeout music on PAUSE, STOP or NEXT-SONG. I really dislike the abrupt cut of sound when I have to pause/stop a music or when I want to skip to the next track.

There could be a setting like "Fade on pause/stop/next" with a value in milliseconds ranking from 0 (DISABLED) to say 1000 (1s)

What do you think ?
MediaMonkey does something like that.  Agree that it is in the "nice to have" category, meaning someone needs the motivation to study and provide the capability in the code.  Taking a quick look, it seems the the "crossfade" facility already provides most of what's needed.

scott s.

Just a way to revive the thread a bit Tongue

This is a really "nice to have" while it also seems quite easy to implement if I'm not mistaken (judging by the fact that all needed functionality is already there)

If some nice and motivated developer could implement that simple feature, it would be really nice!

Thank you Smile Love