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Full Version: 3D on Epson 3500
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For some reason Kodi is not sending a 3D signal to my projector, Epson 3500. It automatically changes to SBS or OU but when I push the 3D button on my Projector it says image is not 3D. I've done all the settings that have been tried on Kodi settings. My setup is as follows Kodi to Yamaha receiver (which passes 3D) then Projector is connected to receiver.

Any help would be great.
What hardware and OS is Kodi running on?
(2016-08-02, 06:04)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]What hardware and OS is Kodi running on?

It's a Lenovo M73 running an Intel i5 and Intel 4400 Graphics. I have Openelec 6.03 running Kodi 15.2
For those interested. My device has a Displayport and not HDMI. I was using an adapter that probably wasn't 1.2 so I bought a cable that goes from Displayport 1.2 to HDMI and now all is right!!