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Full Version: auto resume playing the video from the previous shut down
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Hi guys.

Is there a feature or a trick to get Kodi to, on launch, automatically resume playing the video and/or playlist it was playing when it was last shutdown?

I am running multiple Kodi clients using a centralised SQL server, if that makes any difference.

The use case scenario is that I often have videos running in the background to listen to (like listening to background music, but with video files instead) while I work. It's a pain to have to scroll to a random file each day I restart the Kodi client.
Well you can have kodi start with a playlist. So might want to do some research in how that works.
Hmm.. I was hoping that this wouldn't be limited to just any playlist, nor to all videos.... just whatever was playing last.... I am surprised this isn't a previously requested feature.
You can see if this still works: https://github.com/ProGEEK/kodi-resume (thread: 168824 (thread) )

EDIT: or this one: 183084 (thread)