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Full Version: Music videos with cast as opposed to artists (e.g. Opera)
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I am currently moving my large DVD collection to Kodi - mainly by just adding stub files for the physical DVDs. Several of the less popular music items are not being found by most scrapers so I need to create my own .nfo files too

For opera and ballet I really have a 'cast' type with 'actors' (i.e. singers or dancers) having a 'role' so I would like to have something in my .nfo file like
<name>Cecilia Bartoli</name>
<role>Donna Elvira</role>

but because the opera is being flagged as a Music Video then this seems to be ignored. If course I can simply include 'artists' using
<artist>Cecilia Bartoli</artist>
but then I don't get the 'role' she is playing or singing.

.nfo files aren't tremendously well documented in detail, anyone got any ideas how I can assign a 'cast' to Musical type Music Videos

I wouldn't use music video for this. It doesn't have the right metadata for this. Opera and ballet are basically a type of "movie" (a standalone theatrical performance). I would use video nodes (wiki) and custom home items (wiki) to make them have their own entry, and so they aren't mixed in with normal movies.
Great reply Ned - Thanks! I suspected I'd have to use Movie but couldn't see how to separate Don Giovanni from Don Juan Demarco :-) Video Nodes is a new one on me - just tried it very quickly (via the Video Nodes Editor addon) and it seems just what I need - Brilliant! Now I just need to tag everything and use a simple rule of tag matching.

Thanks again for a prompt and perfect response.