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Full Version: Stream to Xbox One
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I'm new to Kodi, but did load it on my linux laptop and it seems to work fine. When I wanted to send the stream to my TV via Xbox One I ran into problems. I enabled upnp in the settings and right clicked on the addon and movie to send to xbox one, so it knows that the xbox is there. The xbox media player sees kodi on the laptop but is not responding to the stream.

I did quite a bit of searching for this and there are articles and you tube videos that say it can be done...

Thanks in advance.
Which add-on are you trying to use?

Can you gather, upload and post the link to a debug log (wiki) taken for such an attempt?
I'm using popcornflix; The addon loaded fine and I can see any movie in there, but getting the XBox One to see it is another matter.

What link are you referring to?
Follow the debug log (wiki) link for how to upload a log. Pastebin (or similar sites) will provide you with a url for your upload, which should be posted here (don't post the log directly here).
OK, I'll grab the log file and upload it. I should also mention that the Xbox can see video files that are on my laptop via it's media player, and play those files, just not streaming.
Sorry, Kodi's UPnP server doesn't support add-on content.