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Full Version: Multiroom audio using snapcast
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Hi all,

I was just wondering whether it would be possible to add a multiroom capability using this open-source project that works fine, but would need some integration into Kodi https://github.com/badaix/snapcast
I'd love to have a server with my music running Kodi and streaming to other Kodi nodes, running for instance on Raspberry Pi.
snapcast looks interesting, but I normally recommend logitechmediaserver for muti-room synchronised audio.
Yes but the setup of LMS is cumbersome and add-on based. I'd looove to have something integrated and that works out of the box, integrated into the Kodi remote control app. That definitely would be a killer feature Smile
Then again snap seems to be linux only, so isn't really going to make it into kodi I don't think.
A real plus would be to have the snapclient functionality added into Kodi in order to avoid the ALSA conflicts if you run snapclient on a machine where also KODI runs. This way KODI would be the only software accessing the sound device. A KODI addon should have a GUI with the capability that also the snapcast android client has, meaning, controling volume, muting, etc. of the connceted clients.

There are feature requests in the Snapcast GIT about adding metadata to it, so that a snapclient would actually know what is being played.

Another story is controling the playback. Snapcast is flexible regarding audio sources as it is using just pipes. In a typical setup one would use MPD or mopidy, etc.