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Full Version: Green pixels
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I recently bought this:


I would say it's amazing! It's fluid and perfect on any movies, even with passthrough enabled!

...except those ripped with HEVC 10 bit. Those movies are playing audio correctly but video is just a bunch of green pixels.

Is there a way to fix that problem? I tried lot's of different options with no luck.

Thank you!
Ask your money back. We don't support this fully loaded piracy crap boxes.

Thank you for your answer.

Could you please help me choose a model?

I only need to play 1080p movies with passthrough and 5.1 ripped with HEVC in 10 bit.

Please help me choose a model,I chose this because I read in kodi wiki that s905x was fully supported and that crap I bought had it.

Thank you
Read this and then look in the various threads in the hardware section which deal with recommending hardware (look at the ones at the top of the section).
I read it but there are so many..

Can't you give me a couple of suggestions for my needs?
ok so:

- minix neo u1: can decode HEVC 10 bit and has passthrough
- wetek hub: can decode HEVC 10 bit and has passthrough. but compared to u1 also has OpenELEC, LibreELEC, atmos decoding and dolby licenses.
- q10 pro: probably the best, can do all of the above.

is it correct?

I would go for wetek hub but I cannot find it on amazon...

so it remains q10 and u1.

q10 i found this:
it has the android logo though..is it the same?

u1 i am just sorry it misses dolby licenses and LibreELEC, is it so bad?

thank you